Privacy Policy

For the people of Pakistan who are struggling with their jobs and a productive and meaningful earning, the JobsBank.PK is a hopeful platform, which advertises the available jobs for eligible candidates. However, JobsBank.PK is subjected to its privacy policy as the data of our users is regarded as highly confidential and must not be leaked out or get accessed to without their consent. The personal information of all the users is kept safely secured and no one is allowed access to it except the staff members of JobsBank.PK. The data is secured so that it does not get leaked or get any unauthorized access. JobsBank.PK uses cookies in order to allow the users a more feasible and better experience. The data retrieved is treated as highly confidential and it is digitally secured.

If you go to any advertised job’s website, it is recorded, in order to improve your research and you are provided with the job suggestions which you are attracted to most, but the data provided there is not retrieved by JobsBank.PK. It is kept under wraps, only authentic staff members are allowed to access to it and in case, there is any breach or issue related to law enforcement, the authorities are allowed access to it as well.

The qualifications, interests and skills, which are entered by you, is not utilized for any other purposes than to facilitate you for further researches. It helps us gain better insight on to which type of job, you will require.