Terms & Conditions

This is the section where the users will be able to go through the terms and conditions of JobsBank.PK. The terms and conditions covers the privacy arrangements for the users that use JobsBank.PK.

Job Advertisements:

  1. JobsBank.PK only posts job advertisements for the people in search of jobs.
  2. None of the jobs is offered by JobsBank.PK.
  3. JobsBank.PK gathers the job advertisements from the newspapers for the convenience of the people.
  4. JobsBank.PK is not responsible if the job position got filled.
  5. JobsBank.PK does not verify the job providers but only posts the advertisements from the newspapers.
  6. JobsBank.PK cannot provide full details of the job advertisements posted.
  7. For the better experience of the visitors, the website uses cookies.
  8. The personal information of all users is well-protected and only the authentic staff has access to it.
  9. In case of a legal matter or involvement of authorities, JobsBank.PK allows the authority to go through the information.
  10. JobsBank.PK is not responsible for the content present on the external links present on the website.
  11. This terms and conditions is subjected to change at any time.
  12. Any changes made to the terms and conditions will not be informed to the users.